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Club Service
Welcome Message from President Ian Homer 2007

Greetings my fellow Rotarians and welcome to the new Rotary Year for which Rotary International President Wilf Wilkinson has adopted the theme “Share Rotary.”


My sincere congratulations to I.P.P Chan Chee Hong and the out going board of directors on a well run year and one in which we saw many a worthwhile endeavour take place through the efforts of the board and members.


And so to 2007-8…..


Though being President for this year was not on my mind at the start of the last Rotary year, I appreciate that times and circumstances change and we must be willing to adapt and meet the challenges that arise. I’m honoured that the nominating committee deem me worthy of the position.


My heartfelt thanks goes out to those who are serving on the new board of directors. We are all busy with commitments outside Rotary and I do appreciate in advance their contributions to club activities.


There has been talk recently at both the District Assembly and indeed more recently in our own club, of an emphasis on strategic direction and long term plans. I too think this is healthy for Rotary Clubs. A long term strategy in some way relieves the emphasis to constantly be thinking up new and novel projects. With longer term goals it may well take several Rotary terms to achieve them, involve the whole club and more than likely offer the opportunity to create real lasting change in a community.


Though Polio Plus is a world-wide initiative you only have to look at such projects to see what sustained effort over a long period can do.


With regard to our own club, one of the feelings that seemed to emerge was that members would welcome fewer but larger projects. I would tend to agree with fellowship making up the “glue” in between times. You only have to recall how the entire club was pulling together during the District Assembly in Genting and throughout the Interact District Conference in Shah Alam.


I look forward to meetings of our own strategy “think tank” at Pantai Valley. Indeed, some worthwhile ideas for long-term objectives have already been thrown into the ring by our members.


There are two major initiatives I’ll be discussing with the Board to gain their endorsement over the next couple of weeks and more details on these will follow very shortly.


Another wish is for all Rotarians to maintain their attendance at club meetings. It’s the most fundamental activity we do as members and one that not only keeps us informed but adds to the energy and vibrancy of the club. This has benefits far too numerous to mention here and is an essential part of any organisation like ours.


Finally I wish to make it a year in which we can all enjoy the fun element of being in Rotary. We’re in this together and we should celebrate the company of fellow members as much as possible. I’ll be looking forward to many a fellowship event this year and sharing these with as many of you as possible.


I wish you good health and fun! Share Rotary ….

My very best wishes,

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Composed: 02/07/2007 | Modified: 16/08/2007
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Board of Directors
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- Scholarships for Under Privileged RM450,000

Interact Club
- RCPV Sends Youth for Interact Conference 2006
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- Interactors Book Project for Orphans
- Interactors OrganiseTreasure Hunt Jan 22, 2006
- Interactors Donate Food to Animal Shelter 22 Oct
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